12/8/16:   Jetpack Bellerive presents Adagio on Problems at harpe 45 in Lausanne, Switzerland.

12/3/16:  Guqin performance at SASSAS Soundspark series, Children’s Theatre West Hollywood Library 625 North San Vicente Boulevard West Hollywood, CA 90069.

11/30/16:  The woods are miles to sleep to sleep on Travelling Tunes // Travelling Sounds, New Music Conflagration, virtual concert.

11/29/16:   “Recent music: glass and struggle,” Focus on Composition, UC San Diego.

11/29/16:   Guqin guest lecture, Music of Asia and Oceania, UC San Diego.

11/28/16:   Ensemble Maulwerker performs Adagio at LABOR SONOR SPEZIAL, curated by Joanna Bailie, presented by in cooperation with the Berliner Künstlerprogramm des DAAD, Kunsthaus KuLe, Auguststr. 10, 10117 Berlin.

11/20/16:   Our Glass Bodies premiered by Curious Chamber Players, Bludenzer Tage zeitgemäßer Musik Festival, Austria.

11/17/16:   DieOrdnungDerDinge performs Adagio on If You Know What I Mean, Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao, Spain.

11/13/16:   Experimental Music Yearbook performs Adagio at Whistle Stop Bar, San Diego.

11/12/16:   Experimental Music Yearbook performs Adagio at Radius Gallery, Indexical series, Santa Cruz.

11/11/16:   Experimental Music Yearbook performs Adagio, for faces listening to Bruckner, at Betalevel, Los Angeles, with music by Jessie Marino, Natacha Diels, Stephanie Smith, and Ulrich Krieger.

11/6/16:   Mocrep performs Clothing at BOP STOP at the Music Settlement, Cleveland, with Pamplemousse.

11/5/16:   Keir GoGwilt performs Regarding Chickens, death, for violinist and imaginary chickens, Experimental Theater, San Diego.

11/4/16:   Hillary Jean Frank performs Persimmons for voice, and How to Assemble a, for 6-7 voices at Che Cafe, San Diego.

10/28/16:   Relationships with Gravity, Confusion of Stars, Walk for 3n legs, and Fine-Feathered Friends, new video-flute-guqin collaboration with Berglind Tómasdottir on CYCLE Festival of Music and Art, Salurinn, Kopavogur 9 p.m.

10/28/16:   CYCLE presents Supermarket Music, Bónus Nýbýlavegi, Kópavogur, 4 p.m.

10/25-10/26/16:   Workshop on text pieces and music for social spaces at CYCLE Festival, Kópavogur, Iceland.

10/14/16:   Alexa Renger performs Regarding chickens, death – the wulf at Betalevel, Los Angeles.

9/14-10/12/16:   Djerassi Resident Artists Program, Woodside, California.

8/12/16:   The 24: Practicing Slow, on Music in the Expanded Field, Bessunger Knabenschule, Darmstadt Summer Course, Germany.

8/12/16:   Signs of Struggle on Call: Percussion music at Edith-Stein Schule, Darmstadt Summer Course, Germany.

8/5/16:   Imaginary Chickens & Friends, including Tragedy, Adagio, Circling, and Regarding chickens, death – featuring Keir GoGwilt, Celeste Oram, Viola Yip, Natacha Diels, Zach Moore – and improvisations by Katie Young, Zach Goode, Jenna Lyle at Open Space 4, Lichtenberg Schule, Darmstadt Summer Course, Germany.

7/27/16:   Tiffany Ng performs glass umbrella for carillon at Carillon Grote Kerk Hoorn, Netherlands.

7/23/16:   Tiffany Ng performs glass umbrella for carillon at the George Cadbury Memorial Carillon, Bournville, England.

7/16/16:   Tiffany Ng performs glass umbrella for carillon at St.-Pieterstoren te Mol – Centrum, Leuven, Belgium.

7/16/16:   Alexa Renger performs Regarding chickens, death at FAT CAT, Studio 2 des Bethanien, Berlin, Germany

7/7/16:   Tiffany Ng performs glass umbrella for carillon at St. Hugo of the Hills Catholic Church, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan.

7/6/16:   Tiffany Ng performs glass umbrella for carillon at Michigan State University’s Beaumont Tower.

7/3/16:   Premiere of How to fight, new work for moving, talking, singing in the light and dark, with Jen Torrence at Eyedrum, Atlanta. Review by Mark Gresham, ArtsATL.

6/21-7/3/16:   Hambidge Center residency with percussionist Jen Torrence

6/26/16:  Retro Disco, “If They Bite With All Their Might” at Kino Apollo Chur

6/25/16:  Retro Disco, “If They Bite With All Their Might” at Alte Krone Biel

6/24/16:  Retro Disco performs Adagio on “If They Bite With All Their Might” at Walcheturm Zurich, with music by Jannik Giger, Louis d’Heudieres, Michael Meierhofer, Katharina Rosenberger and David Sonton.

6/6-6/12/16:  Sentence. for quartet at Copland House CULTIVATE workshop

5/26/16:   DieOrdnungDerDinge performs Adagio on If You Know What I Mean, De Doelen, Rotterdam (as part of Classical:NEXT).

5/21/16:   Minds in Translation, with Grace Leslie at the wulf., L.A., featuring Grace’s Vessels, our EEG collaboration Eyes Awake, Circling, From Ditan to Chaoyangmen, and a traditional guqin performance of Remembering an Old Friend.

5/20/16:   Amy O’Dell performs glass umbrella on Ladyfest Atlanta, along with works by Olivia Kieffer and Monica Pearce, at The Mammal Gallery.

5/8/16:   Retro Disco performs Adagio at Kompakt – Am Kompaktesten, Bundeshaus zu Wiedikon, Zurich.

4/30/16:   Adagio presented at WEISSLICH 7, Nexus Arts Café, 2 Dale St., Manchester, M1 1JW.

4/23/16:   Adagio presented at WEISSLICH 6The Hundred Years Gallery, 13 Pearson St., London, E2 8JD.

4/16/16:   Leslie Leytham sings And with what body do they come? for mezzo with many cassette players, Springfest @ Bread & Salt, San Diego.

4/15/16:   Other Forests for Southland Ensemble, with David Tudor’s Rainforest, at Springfest Experiments in Music, Experimental Theatre, San Diego.

4/7/16:   Michael Baldwin writes on Adagio as dérive in Better Know a Weisslich: Carolyn Chen.

4/4-4/29/16:   Innovator-in-residence, Innovation@CC, Colorado College, Colorado Springs

4/2/16:   Other Forests for Southland Ensemble, with David Tudor’s Rainforest, at Neighborhood Church of Pasadena, presented by PIE. Reviewed by Paul Muller in Sequenza 21, Damjan Rakonjac in The Artificialist.

3/18/16:   fly blue between light, by Accordant Commons at Automata, Los Angeles.

3/12, 3/13/16:   DerOrdnungDerDinge performs Adagio on “If you know what I mean” at Schauspielhaus Zürich.

3/10/16:   fly blue between light, microtonal voice duo, for Accordant Commons at San Diego New Music.


11/24/15:   Luis Tabuenca performs The Sport of Cooking at Festival Bernaola, Vitoria, Spain.

11/20/15:   Leslie Leytham premieres And with what body do they come? for solo voice with 8 tape recorders at Mengi Gallery in Reykjavik, Iceland.

11/15/15:   Oceans in oceans performed by Cambridge Philharmonic Orchestra, Paine Hall, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA.

11/13-11/14/15:   Reader’s Chorus at Automata, Los Angeles, including a new version of How to assemble a.

11/13/15:   Eric Derr performs Great Birnam Wood at New Music DePaul, Chicago.

10/29/15:   Ian Power and Richard Craig perform Pears at The Red Room, Normal’s Books and Records, Baltimore.

10/25/15:   Charles Curtis premieres rara avis for cello with works by Christian Wolff, Morton Feldman, Allison Knowles, and Tobias Hume, presented by SASSAS and MAK Center for Art and Architecture at Schindler House, Los Angeles.

10/23/15:   Amy O’Dell performs glass umbrella on Bent Frequency’s “Music for a Captive Audience” on the Atlanta Streetcar.

10/6/15:   glass umbrella by Tiffany Ng at Burton Memorial Tower – Charles Baird Carillon, U-M Organ Conference, Ann Arbor.

9/26/15:   How to assemble a on Text/Grain, by Jessica Aszodi, Katherine Young, Nick Merryhew, Emily Beisel, Eli Namay and friends, at The Musical Offering, Chicago.

9/6/15:   Pears and Tragedy, Love Duet, by Mocrep at Constellation, Chicago.

8/21/15:   Eyes awake collaboration with Grace Leslie at Soundislands Festival, ADM Auditorium, Singapore.

7/31/15:   glass umbrella for toy piano at Find Your Inner Child, by Amy O’Dell at Eyedrum, Atlanta.

7/19-8/3/15:   inner lining for viola quintet, commissioned by Composers Conference and Chamber Music Workshops at Wellesley, Houghton Chapel, 7/25, 8/1.

7/5-7/8/15:   Residency at at Institute for Provocation in Beijing for guqin, EEG, and electronics project with Amble Skuse and Grace Leslie. Conversations, installation, and concert with field recording, space travel, and meditation, 7/9.

ifp laptops

Blog of our entire time in China here:  including posts on for composing for guqin, videos of us playing in public spaces in Beijing, and on a deserted segment of the Great Wall in Gubeikou.

Guqin on the sidewalk in Beijing.

7/4/15:   Explorations of sound and space, improvising on guqin with Lei Luo, Zhe Lainv, Namu, Bamboo Word Room, Baiziwan Road, Shimencun No. 5, Chaoyang District, Beijing.

6/6/15:   Tones bequeathed by octopus, with wenliang, thruoutin and three, at fruityshop, 17 Dongsi Toutiao Hutong, Dongcheng district, Beijing.

4/24/15:   Grace Leslie performs Eyes Awake, a new collaboration for EEG and solo performer, in Daegu, South Korea.

4/11/15:   Eric Derr performs Great Birnam Wood, for marbles/drumset at Begin Anywhere: Chapter 1Bowerbird, MAAS Building, Philadelphia.

4/9/15:   On Structure performs Tragedy: Love Duet for Clint and Ian at Fresh Sound – Bread & Salt, San Diego.

4/9/15:   Made in China, Made in California – Cica (Collaborations in Contemporary Art) presents a concert of Music & Film at W.W. Hootie Johnson Performance Hall, Columbia SC.

3/27/15:   New work for Chamber Cartel and a presentation of skies, commissioned by Dr. Erin Wells Bonning, Emory Planetarium, Atlanta, 8 p.m.

3/27/15:   Berglind María Tómasdóttir performs Britney Whitney Clark Kent Is Not a Disguise at Iceland International Flute Festival in Reykjavik, Iceland.

3/20/15:   Eric Derr performs Great Birnam Wood, for marbles/drumset, at Fresh Sound in San Diego.

3/7/15:   Now Hear Ensemble plays Made in China, Made in California at the Silverlake Lounge, 6pm, as part of the Classical Revolution LA Series.

2/24/15:   My end is my beginning at Laser Tag Sound Track, an evening of curated experimental soundtracks in a functioning laser tag facility, broadcast live as an unfolding radio narrative at Ultrazone, Los Angeles.

2/18/15:   Honored to contribute a postcard to Anke Becker‘s mail-art project, “Fernweh..the good life,” asking for personal definitions of “the good life.”

2/2-28/15:   Residency at Kimmel Harding Nelson Center for the Arts in Nebraska City.

1/23/15:   Supermarket Music at Econofoods, Northfield, with Trent Elmore, 7 p.m. Planning Meeting 6 p.m. at Weitz Cinema. (Scores:  Supermarket Music. Updates on Facebook.)

1/22/15:   Music for Supermarket and the Dark – a talk on social context as material, as part of  re: composition, an interdisciplinary lecture series sponsored by Music in Weitz Cinema at Carleton College, hosted by Jeffrey Trevino, 8 p.m.



12/17/14:   Playing in Public, concert with Berglind Tomasdottir, featuring fictional documentaries about cowgirl caravan concerts in rural Iceland and philosophies of roundness in Hangzhou, China, and electroacoustic music for flute and guqin at Stanford University’s Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics.

12/6/14:   Ian Power presents Very Long and Very Slow Music for Piano, including excerpts from My Young Life Has an End (variations on variations by Sweelinck), at An die Musik in Baltimore. Works by Mieko Shiomi, Ian Power, Carolyn Chen, Erik Satie, and Alison Knowles.

12/5/14:   Great Birnam Wood, for marbles/drumset, for Eric Derr, premiered on the Discovery Series at McGill University’s Schulich School of Music in Montreal. Adagio, for faces listening to Bruckner, and Pears, for two people, performed by Eric Derr and Sandra Joseph.

12/3/14:   The character for ant contains the character for justice, on Experimental Music, Theory and Practice at Arts at 29 Garden, with pieces by Nomi Epstein, Christian Wollf, Clara Iannotta, Max Murray, Adi Snir, Chris Swithinbank and Samuel Wolk, led by Michael Pisaro.

11/7/14:   Chris Clarino performs Threads, for ASL interpreter strung to chimes at a distance, Experimental Theater, Conrad Prebys Music Center, San Diego.

10/7-10/14:   My end is my beginning, Foley sound fantasia, played at Espacio Sonoro, Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana, Xochimilco, Mexico as part of Muestra Internacional de Música Electroacústica MUSLAB México, 2014.

9/6/14:   Excerpts from Hoods, 90-minute opera mashup of Red Riding Hood and Hekabe, performed by Jessica Aszodi, Stephanie Aston, and Natalie Moran, sopranos; Michael Matsuno, flute/bass flute; Sam Dunscombe, clarinet; Nicolee Kuester, French horn; Ryan Nestor, percussion; Judith Hamann, cello; Kyle Motl, contrabass; Stephen Lewis, conductor; recorded by Colin Zyskowski, Studio A, UCSD, 2014.

7/23/14:   Oceans in Oceans, for chamber orchestra, premiered at Composers Conference, Wellesley College, Wellesley, MA.

6/21-9/14/14:   The woods are miles to sleep to sleep, for guqin and field recording, exhibited as part of The Tortoise and His Raincoat: Music for a Very Long Walk by Nat Evans, in Summer Field Studies at the Henry Art Gallery in Seattle.

6/19-22/14:   Ensemble DieOrdnungDerDinge performs Adagio, for faces listening to Bruckner, at TAK in Kreuzberg, Berlin.

6/2/14:   Just posted The woods are miles to sleep to sleep, for guqin and a recording of the Pacific Crest Trail by Nat Evans, for his The Tortoise and His Raincoat: Music for a Very Long Walk, a 2,600 mile journey and musical collaboration to be released on Quakebasket Records in 2015.

5/29/14:   The movement of glass through a house at Conduit Arts in Victoria, Australia, curated by James Rushford.

5/24/14:   Made in China, Made in California, for video and ensemble, performed by Chamber Cartel in Atlanta, Georgia.

5/18/14:   Ensemble Pamplemousse performs Tragedy: Love Duet at Clemente Solo Velez Cultural Center in New York.

5/11-5/17/14:   Hoods, a chamber opera, featuring Jessica Aszodi, Natalie Moran, Stephanie Aston & Stephen Lewis:

  • Los Angeles – Sunday, May 11, 7 p.m. – the wulf.
  • San Diego – Saturday, May 17, 7 p.m. – Experimental Theatre, Conrad Prebys Music Building, UCSD

5/6/14:   Adagio, for faces and Bruckner, at the PODIUM Festival in Esslingen, curated and performed by Iñigo Giner Miranda and ensemble.

4/17/14:   Relationships with Gravity, new work for violin, piano, guqin, video, and events commissioned by the MATA Festival at The Kitchen in New York.

4/15/14:   A spatialized screening of The movement of glass through a house, at XX, Conrad Prebys Music Center in San Diego.

4/13/14:   The 24 – taichi practitioners wearing motion-sensitive oscillators sonify warm-up exercises and the Yang style 24-form sequence – at Birch Aquarium in La Jolla.

3/17/14:   Luis Tabuenca performs The Sport of Cooking, for marimba and objects, at University of Arkansas.

2/9/14:   Guqin performance with Wooden Fish Ensemble, Old First Concerts, San Francisco.



10/12- 11/2/13:   Made in China, Made in California, for video and ensemble, premiered by Now Hear Ensemble as part of their Made in California tour: Mills College, Stanford University, REDCAT-L.A.

8/28/13:   Luis Tabuenca premieres The Sport of Cooking, for marimba and objects, at Tempora Festival in Sofia, Bulgaria.

6/15/13:   Mountains in Concrete, installation and performance with Anna-Maija Rissanen, China Academy of Art, Hangzhou, China.

6/12/13:   Ensemble This / Ensemble That performs Adagio, for slow-moving faces, Flatterschafft Lokal, Basel, Switzerland.

6/6/13:   Nicolee Kuester performs Overtures, a melody, San Diego, CA.

5/13/13:   Chris Clarino premieres Threads, for ASL interpreter strung to chimes at a distance and a story on tape, in New York.

2/7/13:   Brandon Bell performs What we swallow turns around, for timpano and objects, Houston, TX.

1/11-29/13:   The movement of glass through a house, video installation, at Green Box, 天鸿美和院艺术展示中心, 杭州富阳银湖开发区320国道与九龙大道东口 (Hangzhou).

1/12/13:   Pieces for Zhejiang Art Museum, Hangzhou, with Chen Meifang, Shi Ruizhang, and Shen Ruilan, as part of Elementals of Social Space, led by Bo Zheng.

1/7/13:   How to assemble, flarfplay-cantata for 6 voices, was recorded by Nathaniel Flagg, Alex Gibbs, Hana Kucharovicova, Anna-Maija Rissanen, Daniel Rojas Santacruz, and myself, in Hangzhou. [score]



12/14/12:   A .giftranslation at WebExhibition, “A .gif for you,” curated by Hana Kucharovicova and Monaddigital, China Academy of Art.

12/7/12:   At “The Party,” Chamber Cartel performs cut up sleep red stars round me, for ensemble, at Poem 88 in Atlanta, GA, 7-11 p.m.

12/10/12:   How to assemble a, flarfplay-cantata  for 6 voices, will be included in Psychiana’s upcoming issue on “Invisibility.”

11/10-17/12:   Installation and performance:  The movement of glass through a house – at Zhuantang Demolition District, Hangzhou, curated by Wang Ziyue.

10/31/12:   Performance events:  Crossing the bridge and Rocking the boat – at Xixi Wetlands Gardens, Hangzhou, curated by Liu Xiao.

9/15/12:   Human Windchimes:  The Menil Collection, performed by Brandon Bell, Andy Keller, and Lindsey Pietrek, Houston, TX.

8/26/12:   ache bind blind break was premiered by Talea Ensemble at the Harvard Summer Composition Institute, Paine Hall, Cambridge, MA.

7/20/12:   Transcription of guqin tuning for supermarket, for solo performer, was selected for Closet Music, a book of imaginary music edited by Janet Oates.

7/14/12:   We rerecorded Momentum (a round on a poem by Heather Gordon) for the wulf., with Christine Tavolacci, Jess Basta, Adrian Tenney, and Laura Steenberge – for “rounds,” to be released on the wulf. records.

6/17/12:   Persimmons, a round on poetry by Li-Young Lee, to Yvonne Wu, Karl Pilato, and the wulf. community.

3/18-4/13/12:   Throw me light, for percussion trio in the dark, was premiered by NorthArc Percussion Group, Strike/ Illuminate tour – Griegakademiet, Bergen, Norway; Capitol, Stockholm, Sweden; Syddansk Musikkonservatorium, Odense, Denmark; Musikkonservatoriet i Tromsø, Norway; Bodø Kulturhus, Norway; Reykjavik Art Museum, Iceland

2/24/12:   Britney Whitney Clark Kent Is Not A Disguise, dance dance concerto for flute and orchestra on tape – premiered by Berglind Thomasdottir, CPMC Experimental Theater, La Jolla, CA.



11/4/11:   New Music for Percussion – a video of percussionist Dustin Donahue and new works by Paul Hembree, Andrew Allen, and myself.

10/25/11:   Human Windchimes:  Staircases of Doom – Kelli Moore, Jasmine Wang, Brian Griffeath-Loeb, Grace Leslie, and myself – “y53K,” curated by Eliza Slavet, ARTifact Gallery, Sixth College, UCSD.

10/21/11:   What we swallow turns around, for timpano – premiered by Dustin Donahue, CPMC Experimental Theater, La Jolla, CA

9/18/11:   Just In Case, A Few Extra Sinkings of the Sun, an amoeba sunset play – premiered by Brian Griffeath-Loeb, Maggie Hasspacher, Christian Paiz, and myself, at sunset, on Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles Road Concerts.

8/30/11:   Wilder Shores of Love performed again by Ostravska Banda and Prague Modern at Ostrava Days 2011, Czech Republic

8/6/11:   We are small and wee and we eat the house down – commissioned and premiered by The Gliss Quintet, New York

4/11/11:   Wilder Shores of Love, commissioned and premiered by Petr Kotik conducting The Orchestra of the S.E.M. Ensemble and Ostravska Banda at Zankel Hall, Carnegie Hall, reviewed by Allan Kozinn in The New York Times and Harry Rolnick in ConcertoNet.