Here are some courses I have designed. I have also taught piano for over a 15 years and yoga and taichi for a decade.

  • huangshan - 186
    Music of Asia and Oceania – UCSD Spring 2014 – syllabus and class site
  • Music on Youtube!: Virality, Interventions, and Remix Culture – UCSD Summer 2012, 2014 – syllabusfinal concert 2014
  • Sound Art: Environmental Explorations – UCSD Summer 2011 – syllabusfinal concert
  • Asian American History and Politics – Stanford Student-Initiated Course, co-led with Reid Yokoyama, Stanford University, 2006

TA experience

  • Music courses:  History of Western Music, Theory and Musicianship, Music of Asia and Oceania, Peking Opera, Music of Africa, Contemporary Music, Elvis, Hip-hop, UCSD, 2006-14
  • Culture-Art-Technology, Sixth College Writing Program, UCSD, 2012
  • Writing Tutor, Structured Liberal Education, classic texts in literature, philosophy, the arts, Stanford University, 2003-05
  • Social Protest Drama and the Politics of Hip Hop Performance, Stanford University, 2006
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