Mountains in Concrete (2014), performance event and live painting installation to guqin playing with Anna-Maija Rissanen, Hangzhou, 2014.

Drown (2011), sequence for fishtank singing by Leslie Leytham, San Diego, 2011.

Made in America (2010), installation with Cooper Baker, Brian Griffeath-Loeb, Clinton McCallum, and Justin Zullo, Conrad Prebys Music Center, UCSD, 2010.

Nocturne (2010), sound for film, light, and ice installation by Lili Chin, 10’, San Diego, 2010.

Bu Sahilde [On the Coast] (2010), music for film by Merve Kayan, 21’, Film Festival Rotterdam, 2010.

Boundary Music for Bodies (2009), performance event featuring movement, sound, light, and human screensavers, with Clint McCallum and Ian Power, 120’, San Diego, 2009.

Breathing Music for the Dark (2009), light, video, movement, and music event with Anna Thorvaldsdottir, 90’, San Diego, 2009.


Water Music (2005), installation with Neepa Acharya and Zhengyun Zhang at Columbae House, Stanford University, 2005.

Score Four (2005) for clarinet, violin, viola, piano, wax cylinder, percussion, 11’, collaborative dance score composition and performance with Matthew Czinger, Elizabeth Donald, and Jeffrey Trevino, for the dance “Allow me to say goodbye,” choreographed by Hope Mohr, in affiliation with Merce Cunningham Dance Company Stanford residency, “Music and Dance by Chance,” Stanford, 2005; “Spring Migration,” Stanford, 2005.

How To Play Nice (2005) score to film by Anthony Ha and Alice Kim, 5′.  Stanford Film Festival, 2005.