Fixed Media/Installation

Private Ocean (2021) video, 13’. Commissioned and premiered by Jennifer Torrence on No Hay Banda Videofest, 2021

CURB Assemblages (2021) tape, 2-10’. Commissioned and presented on CURB webspace for book of poetry by Divya Victor, 2021

Begin again (talk with parrots) (2014) for guqin and field recording, 5’

The woods are miles to sleep to sleep (2014) field recording of Pacific Crest Trail and slumber by Nat Evans set to guqin playing by myself, 7′

Your End Is Your Beginning (2010) immersive listening box of Foley sound opera , 8’.  Unsafe Space, San Diego, 2010; The Loft, San Diego, 2010.

The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction (2005) tape, 8’ [Voices, 4′, Contact, 4′].  Stanford Wet Ink, 2005.  Radio broadcast, Stanford, 2005.  Selected for California Exchange Concerts by Mills College and UCSD, 2006; New Music Festival, California State University, Fullerton, 2008.

After eating breakfast, you walk into the sky (2006) experimental video, 4’.  Rhythmic exploration of visual noise in images received by a homemade antenna from a wireless camera on frisbee.  Poto Festival, Grass Valley, CA, 2006.  San Diego, 2007.  “Breathing Music for the Dark,” Soundisfaction Spring Festival of New Music, San Diego, 2009.

still (2006), experimental video, shot with Marcia Scott, individual editing and sound design, , 5’.  Cantor Arts Center, Stanford, 2005.  Poto Festival, Grass Valley, CA, 2006.  Stuttgart, 2007.

Wedding (2006) experimental video, 15’.  Poto Festival, 2006.  “Breathing Music for the Dark,” San Diego, 2009.

Box of tea (2005) installation.  Tea box changes its feedback music in response to human presence and touch.  Warms over time, smells of peppermint.  Wallenberg Hall, Stanford, 2005.