New commissions in progress


  • Synchromy, Los Angeles, CA
  • Indexical, Santa Cruz, CA
  • American Modern Opera Company, Cambridge, MA
  • Project [BLANK], San Diego, CA


4/10/23: NMC performs Oceans in oceans, Steam Whistle Brewery Toronto.

3/19/22: Contiuum performs cold mountains, one belt, heart-break green, Toronto.

2/18/22: Aperture Duo releases Aperture Duo album with My Loves Are in America.

1/8-1/9/22: Synchromy presents Brightwork New Music performing BĂ­rria along with other companion pieces to Stockhausen’s Tierkreis.


11/30/21: Guest at graduate composition colloquium, UC San Diego.

11/15-22: How to Fall Apart workshop with AMOC, BAC, New York.

10/4/21: OSSIA New Music at the Eastman School of Music performs Oceans in oceans.

10/1/21: CSU Long Beach New Music Ensemble directed by Cameron Johnston performs Declaration at Daniel Recital Hall, Long Beach.

10/12/21: Berglind Tomasdottir releases Ethereality album with Stomachs of Ravens listed as one of 20 albums of the year by 5:4.

9/28/21: Guest at Prof. Yvette Jackson/s Introduction to Composition, Harvard University.

7/26-8/1/21: Guest faculty at Nief-norf Composer-Performer-Improviser Summit. Keynote address on 7/26/21.

7/26/21: Portrait concert at KM28 in Berlin featuring Judith Hamann, Jess Aszodi, Michiko Ogawa, Nina Guo, Sarah Saviet, and Manuel Pessoa de Lima performing rara avis, Persimmons, How to Assemble, The Movement of Glass Through a House, and Hand Catching Flour.

7/5/21: Video of Orange Event #7 on Southland’s Orange Events.

June: CURB 4 featured on The Ear in Earth podcast on experimental music and poetry.

6/21/21: Octopus steals crab from fisherman premiered at 2021 Joint Congress of the World Carillon Federation and The Guild of Carillonneurs in North America.

6/11-6/17/21: Faculty at Sunset ChamberFest Young Composers Workshop.

5/14/21: Talk on Haut Bois Talk Show with Daniel Allas and Tamzin Elliott.

5/6/21: Lawn (arid) and Lawn (temperate) played on Encircling CURB, virtual event, Nightboat Books.

4/27/21: CURB webspace launch, featuring CURB assemblages, based on poetry by Divya Victor.

4/8/21: Guest at Prof. Rebecca Marchand’s seminar Orpheus in Music, Boston Conservatory at Berklee.

3/29/21: Private Ocean screened as part of NO HAY BANDA Videofest.

3/26, 3/28/21: Some Dragons performed by Batya MacAdam-Somer, El Salon, San Ysidro, Project [Blank]. Article in KPBS

3/17-3/21/21: Speaking of Water performed as part of SWELL, online theatrical production supported by NYC Women’s Fund.

2/27/21: Ekmeles performs fly blue between light online.

1/9/21: Beijing AIR Collective performs Relationships with Gravity with guqin, erhu, piano, percussion, and video, at the 77 Theater, Beijing.


Other Forests, for string quartet with mobile transducers and Rainforest Object Orchestra, commissioned by Southland Ensemble and P.I.E.

rara avis, for cellist Charles Curtis (begins at 4:25, based on a bass viol tune by Anonymous which precedes and follows the piece on the program presented by SASSAS at the Schindler House.)