Calendar 2019-20


New works in 2019-20 commissioned for:

  • Aperture Duo, Los Angeles & andPlay, New York City (violin and viola)
  • Red Desert, clarinet and percussion, Salt Lake City, UT
  • Golden, video by Annie Albaglia, Minoosh Zomorodinia, and Cintia Santana
  • Michael Matsuno, flute and Cameron O’Connor, guitar, Los Angeles/Corvallis, OR
  • Autoduplicity, 2 people, Los Angeles
  • Batya MacAdam-Somer, violin, San Diego
  • Caitlin Cawley, object, New York City


1/20-5/22/20: In residence at the American Academy in Berlin.

1/20/20: andPlay premieres My Loves Are in America The Crypt of Church of the Intercession in NYC.

1/9/20: Aperture Duo premieres My Loves Are in America at Art Share LA, presented by Equal Sound.


12/17/19:   Christine Tavolacci and Koan Quartet perform Momentum, breathe out clouds, How to assemble a, and Other forests on Tuesdays @ Monk Space, Los Angeles.

10/17/19: Autoduplicity premieres Good Work for 2 people, presented by Synchromy at Boston Court, Pasadena, CA.

9/13/19: Michael Matsuno and Cameron O’Connor premiere Whether the Fish are Friendly at Art Share LA.

8/29/19: Michael Matsuno and Cameron O’Connor premiere Whether the Fish are Friendly at Unitarian Universalist Church of Hillcrest, San Diego.

7/27/19:  Caitlin Cawley premieres Introducing (object)  at Spectrum, Brooklyn, NY.

7/14/19:   SWELL ensemble premieres Speaking of Water on SWELL at HERE Arts Center, New York.

7/13/19:   SWELL ensemble premieres Speaking of Water on SWELL at HERE Arts Center, New York.

7/11/19: Michiko Ogawa performs Hand Catching Flour at KM28, Berlin.

6/21/19:   Dog Star Ensemble premiers Non-stick Properties at Sweet Pan on the Mountain, Mt. Washington home on Dog Star Festival, Los Angeles.

6/19/19:   Longy’s Divergent Studio performs fly blue between light at Longy School of Music, Cambridge, MA.

6/15/19:  A Cylinder on Infinite Curvilinear Surface, collaboration with Laura Steenberge and Argenta Walther, on “The Extended Circle,” Dog Star Festival, Southwest Museum Tunnel, Los Angeles.

5/25/19:   Kathie Hsieh and ensemble perform Made in California, Made in China, University of Oregon.

5/19/19:   Kathie Hsieh and ensemble perform Made in California, Made in China, University of Oregon.

5/19/19:   C3LA performs Persimmons at St. Bede’s Episcopal Church, Los Angeles.

5/18/19:   C3LA performs Persimmons at ​First Congregational Church of Los Angeles.

4/26/19:   Peridot Duo performs fly blue between light, Gallery 263, Boston.

4/13/19:   MATA Festival plays The movement of glass through a house, The Kitchen, New York City.

4/10/19:  T.J. Borden performs rara avis at Mizzou New Music, Fine Arts Building, Columbia, MO.

3/28/19:   William Raynovich performs rara avis at Impromptu Festival, Chicago.

3/17/19:   Keir GoGwilt performs Study on Westhoff and Regarding chickens, death at Actual Size Gallery, Los Angeles.

3/10/19:   Keir GoGwilt performs Study on Westhoff and Regarding chickens, death at Actual Size Gallery, Los Angeles.

3/9/19:  Brianna Tagliaferro performs Clothing at Boston Conservatory.

2/15/19:  Pianist Jared Redmond premieres tearing at Center for New Music, San Francisco.

2/11/19:   Michiko Ogawa performs Hand Catching Flour to film by Lyndsay Bloom, Conrad Prebys Music Center, San Diego.

1/31/19:  Screening of Golden by Annie Albagli, Cintia Santana, Minoosh Zomorodinia at Garage Door Gallery, Incline Village, Nevada.

1/28/19:   Andrea Lodge performs glass umbrella at Arete Gallery, Brooklyn, New York.

1/26/19:  HEX Ensemble performs Persimmons at First Lutheran Church of Venice, CA.

1/19/19:   Carolyn Chen performs This Is a Scream on Indexical‘s Language as Wilderness series at Radius Gallery, Santa Cruz.

1/17/19:  Hillary Jean Young performs Persimmons for voice at Museum of Contemporary Art, San Diego.

1/18/19:   Continuum Ensemble performs ache bind blind break for septet at Mazzoleni Hall, The Royal Conservatory, Toronto.


1/8/18:   DieOrdnungDerDinge performs Adagio for faces on “If You Know What I Mean” at Festival Transparent Sounds (Átlátszó Hang) in Budapest.

1/11/18:   I/O Ensemble performs Relationships with Gravity at CenterStage on I/O Fest, Williams College, Williamstown, MA.

1/13/18:   Mélange premieres Cut white at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Atlanta.

1/19/18:  I perform This Is a Scream at Battery Books, Pasadena, CA.

1/19/18:   Noise Bias performs Adagio for faces on Fewer Dahlias: Shuffle for Women at Ravenswood Fellowship United Methodist Church, Chicago.

1/20/18:   Members of the Boston Conservatory’s Contemporary Classical Music program perform The Mussels at The Boston Conservatory – Ipswich Building.

2/8/18:   DieOrdnungDerDinge performs Adagio for faces on “If You Know What I Mean” at Gare du Nord, Basel.

2/15/18:   Guqin concert featuring Fine-feathered friends, Begin Again, and Circling – at the Chip Davis Technology Studio, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, co-sponsored by the Confucius Institute.

2/16/18:   Tiffany Ng premieres Southern vs. Northern Lion for carillon on the Central Campus carillon, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.

2/26-2/27/18:   Sound & Participation conference, Brussels

3/2/18: performs Declaration at Elastic Arts Foundation, Chicago.

3/11/18:   Tiffany Ng performs Southern vs. Northern Lion and glass umbrella at National Carillon, Lake Burley Griffin, Australia.

3/23/18:   San Francisco Contemporary Music Players premiere Cold mountains, one belt, heart break green.

3/27/18:  Experimental Music in Practice, led by Alice Teyssier, perform Declaration with Alison Knowles and Pauline Oliveros at the Avery Fisher Center @ Bobst Library.

4/4/18:   Miquel Vich Vila and ensemble perform Adagio on festival détours de babel at Salle Messiaen – Grenoble, France.

4/5/18:   The woods are miles to sleep to sleep highly commended by Ars Electronica Forum Wallis 2018.

4/10/18:  Interview on site-specific composition with composer Hans Roel, Brussels.

4/12/18:   Salisbury University Percussion Ensemble premieres Good work, Salisbury, MD.

4/16/18:   Luis Tabuenca performs The Sport of Cooking at Cairo Opera House, Cairo Contemporary Music Days, Egypt.

4/27/18:   Fine-feathered Friends with Berglind Tomasdottir, featuring Stomachs of Ravens and other music for guqin and flute, National Gallery of Iceland, Reykjavik.

4/27/18:   COWs Concert Series with Berglind Tomasdottir, featuring Declaration, In 1839…, Fine-feathered Friends, Stomachs of Ravens, and This is a Scream at Mengi, Reykjavik.

4/29/18:  Tiffany Ng performs glass umbrella at Yale Memorial Carillon, New Haven, CT.

5/13/18:   Unheard-of/Ensemble performs Sentence on Applause New Music Festival, Mansfield, TX.

5/18/18:   NOISE BRIDGE and Bugallo-Williams Duo perform The Mussels for quartet at GEDOK-Galerie, Stuttgart.

5/18/18:   C3LA performs Declaration at ​First Congregational Church of Los Angeles.

5/19/18:   C3LA performs Declaration at ​St. Bede’s Episcopal Church, Los Angeles.

6/5/18:   Body Music (featuring Good Work, In 1838…, and Signs of Struggle) on Dog Star Festival with Ian Power, Liam Mooney and Erika Bell, Automata, Los Angeles.

6/15-6/24/18:  Teaching as a Guest Composer at nief-norf Summer Festival, Knoxville, TN.

6/16/18:   I perform Fine-feathered Friends and The woods are miles and miles to sleep for guqin and media, Powell Recital Hall, Knoxville.

6/16/18:   I perform This is a Scream for voice, Powell Recital Hall, Knoxville.

6/19/18:  Gordon Fry, Kathie Hsieh, Riley Leitch, James Meade, Kevin O’Connor, and I perform Some of Us are Agreeable People for field recordings and people, Powell Recital Hall, Knoxville.

6/20/18:   Jonathan Tang, Kathie Hsieh, Georgia Mills, and I perform Relationships with Gravity, for quartet and video, Powell Recital Hall, Knoxville.

6/24/18:   Alexandria Porter performs Drown (for Allie), Powell Recital Hall, Knoxville.

7/3/18:   Batya MacAdam-Somer premieres Some Dragons at Hastings Art Center, Hastings, MN.

7/6/18:   I perform Some dragons and Confession at Battery Books, Pasadena, CA.

7/10/18:   Batya MacAdam-Somer performs Some Dragons at United-Unitarian Church of Door County, Wisconsin.

9/29-9/30/18:   Human windchimes at Y-E-S Fest, Agora, Berlin.

10/2/18:   Tiffany Ng performs Southern v. Northern Lion for carillon at Burton Memorial Tower, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, 58th Annual Organ Conference.

10/9/18:   LA Phil New Music Group premieres The Sleeper and the Drinker, flute concerto for Denis Bouriakov, conducted by Gustavo Dudamel, Walt Disney Concert Hall, Los Angeles.

10/14/18: performs In 1839 it was considered elegant to take a tortoise out walking on Frequency Series, Constellation, Chicago, IL.

11/6/18:   Mélange premieres cut white at Mars Hill University, NC.

11/9/18:  Mélange performs cut white at Keene State College, NH.

11/14/18:   Batya Macadam-Somer performs Some Dragons for violin at San Diego New Music, The Athenaeum Music & Arts Library, La Jolla, CA.

11/9/18:   Neil Beckmann premieres Mom and Dad Are Not at Home for guitar at Spectrum, New York City.

11/18/18:  Neil Beckmann performs Mom and Dad Are Not at Home for guitar on Cincinnati Soundbox, 21c Museum Hotel, Cincinnati, OH.

11/29/18:   Ghent Advanced Masters Ensemble premieres a new arrangement of Our Glass Bodies for sextet, PostX, Ghent.

12/14/18:   HEX Ensemble performs Persimmons for vocal sextet, Monk Space, Los Angeles.


Other Forests, for string quartet with mobile transducers and Rainforest Object Orchestra, commissioned by Southland Ensemble and P.I.E.

rara avis, for cellist Charles Curtis (begins at 4:25, based on a bass viol tune by Anonymous which precedes and follows the piece on the program presented by SASSAS at the Schindler House.)